Zodiac Signs

Aries : ( March 21-April 19 )

At your best, you are extremely passionate, assertive, forthright, bold. At your worst, you are selfish, quick-tempered, foolhardy and arrogant. Your spirit leads you, and often you are not patient. But you love freedom, and you are a natural leader. Because you are at the beginning of the zodiac, you seem to shout, "Look at me! I exist!" People tend to follow you, or they butt heads with your stubbornness. You make a natural executive, and are good at starting projects.


Taurus : ( April 20-May 20 )

Reliability is your trademark. You crave above all security, both emotionally and financially. Your common sense gives you the edge among others of your peers as you seek careers such as banking, insurance and anything that involves persistence, stability, and relentless drive. You can take abstract ideas and make them concrete and practical. You are good at behind-the-scenes work; there is no more tirelessly, devoted worker than you in the zodiac.


Gemini : ( May 21-June 21 )

You most likely enjoy talking on the telephone, whether initiating a conversation or responding. Your youthful, lively personality is like a magnet, and people of all walks of life are drawn to you. Your worst fault is that your many interests could make you lean towards superficiality. This could also lead to never finishing projects once started. You can curb these traits by focusing in on your skills, and choosing only a few areas in which to become an expert.


Cancer : ( June 22-July 22 )

You have a capacity for tremendous kindness and caring, thus you are very emotional and intuitive. You can also be very shrewd, imaginative, and good at problem-solving since you work instinctively to make decisions. You have a tendency to look to the past, however, and your worst faults are worrying, clinging to others, an inability to let go when something is over, and moodiness (which you get from the moon). You make very nurturing, loving partners, however, and take great pride in giving very inventive presents to those close to you. You are firmly committed to children and a family life, but you do enjoy variety and change within a need for continuity.


Leo : ( July 23-Aug 22 )

The Sun is most radiant when it resides in Leo, bringing with it pageantry, ceremony, the creative spirit, and the artist. Both fixed and fiery, impulsive yet stubborn, Leo is wrapped in certainty and absolutes that need expression. Leos frequently find release for their energy on the stage, enjoying the star role, or being the director or writer. In any case, the Leo is a visionary who goes with the flow in a receptive, never relaxed, way. Brilliant, cocky, defiant of authority, Hollywood is full of Leos who strongly emerge with the statement: "I am different! I am me!"


Virgo : ( Aug 23-Sep 22 )

You enjoy communicating, especially intellectual thoughts, though you have a tendency to put yourself down in relationships. This can be because of a lack of self-esteem. Though you are humble and charming, you can have deep self-confidence problems, which many times prevent you from accepting compliments. Nonetheless, you will do anything for the right partner. Practical and down to earth, you are sweet, making few enemies and having many friends because of your quiet, gentle manner. More than anything, you embody purity and perfection.


Libra : ( Sep 23-Oct 22 )

You crave comfort in the sense that you want no confrontation, no pressure, no argument. To be truly happy, you need peace within friendships. Thus, this makes you a very diplomatic individual, capable of quelling the storms in others, while tactful of the diversity among different relationships.


Scorpio : ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 )

The Scorpio represents the Phoenix, that ancient symbol of death and resurrection from the ashes of youth, that fire that never dies but merely rises above and continues to change into something else. An argument is not merely an argument to a Scorpio, nor is it a chance to butt heads, but rather an experience of expressing and listening so that both participants can "rise above" and come out in a better position than when they began. This energy of the Scorpio is also frequently seen in sports, and needs to be properly channeled in order to be given full expression.


Sagittarius : ( Nov 22-Dec 21 )

This freedom-loving individual is jovial and good-humored. Sometimes they can even be practical jokers. They need to consider that the fun they get out of the practical joke though is sometimes not as funny as thought when it affects the one whom the joke is being played.


Capricorn : ( Dec 22 - Jan 19 )

Your steady ladder-climbing makes you a natural businessman, and whether your field is banking, government, finance, estate management, trade, or the dental profession, Capricorns rule the big business. They excel in any profession that is structured, such as engineering, medicine, accounting, editing, politics, ceramics, building, architecture, or even computers. With your practical, prudent, and always careful mind, you can use your energy to work for what you want. Remember, this sign can represent the highest or lowest in human beings, depending whether inhibition and lack of self-confidence hinder you. Your worst qualities are being overly pessimistic, fatalistic, miserly or overly conventional and rigid; yet at your best, you are a true leader, full of integrity and seriousness. You have a strong desire to succeed, with a commitment to traditional values, and you usually work slowly to achieve a dream.


Aquarius : ( Jan 20-Feb 18 )

You crave freedom and dislike any invasion of space. You need a free rein in a career, preferring to work uninhibited and with a great need to express inventiveness. You have an urgent need to communicate on a grand scale, which makes you excellent in any field related to the media, such as radio, TV, film, satellites, or computers. You also make excellent inventors, social workers, and enjoy any type of work where you can express concern for humanity. You also work very well in the avant-garde fields, such as the arts, or cutting-edge research in technology or psychology.


Pisces : ( Feb19-March 20 )

You are friendly, charitable, self-sacrificing, and kind--with a natural intuition that works endlessly on behalf of others. Your fault is you have a difficulty in facing reality, so that many times you seem to deceive others, taking the path of least resistance instead of telling the terrible truth. Your rose-colored glasses may flatter others, but they also can lead you to tell lies. You can also be impressionable or gullible, and need to focus and channel your imaginations creatively. You, of all others, are the poet of the zodiac--please use that creative energy to its best expression.